Well helloooo there.

The amount of social media swimming around me and in my head and in my department and at my school and blah blah blah is stressing me out.

No, really.

As a journalism student I am told to be on every social media available (sans MySpace, who’s still on there?) So I created a Twitter against my will. I created this blog against my will. I created a freaking Pinterest against my will.

1. Twitter has become “that’s too obscure to post on Facebook” posts.
2. I do not regret this blog one single bit. Hello. You’re great.
3. Pinterest is a joke. It’s just a smaller Tumblr full of arts and crafts.

I’m also on Facebook and Tumblr.

Left and right I’m bombarded by “like this!” “comment this!” etc etc and I want to address this.

The validity in having someone “approve” of what you’ve posted is a great Catch 22 in that  you want others to read what you’ve written, but you’re upset when it’s not the reaction you wanted. Or no reaction at all.

I wish I could say I miss the yesteryear when people had to –shocker!– make a phone call or write a letter. But you know what? Typing is faster. And without all these social connections I wouldn’t have met so many lovely internet-ers.

I don’t know where I was going with this. But there is a lot of social media and not enough hand shaking in this world.

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